Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cement Factory Turned into an Amazing Home

Talk about destiny! In 1973, architect Ricardo Bofill found an old cement factory in Barcelona and saw something most of us would not see...potential. The industrial complex from the turn of the century was made of over 30 silos, underground galleries, and huge engine rooms. The factory, abandoned and partially in ruins, was complete with many surrealist elements, including stairs that climbed up to nowhere, mighty reinforced concrete structures that sustained nothing, and pieces of iron hanging in the air.

Over the course of two years, he remodeled the factory into architectural offices, archives, a model laboratory, and exhibition space, as well as his own personal apartment, with a guest room and gardens. Now if that doesn't sound impressive enough, take a look at the pictures, below.

"The factory is a magic place which strange atmosphere is difficult to be perceived by a profane eye," says Bofill. "I like the life to be perfectly programmed here, ritualized, in total contrast with my turbulent nomad life."

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