Friday, June 10, 2011

Brooklyn’s Clock Tower Apartment Renovated


Often we catch ourselves daydreaming about the perfect city digs. An artsy Soho loft perhaps? Maybe an industrial Brooklyn warehouse or a charming West Village brownstone? One that always remains in the forefront of our minds is the lofty Clock Tower apartment, wedged happily betwixt the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. A little background info – The Clock Tower was erected in 1915 on the Dumbo waterfront, and sits atop one of the largest poured concrete buildings in New York. But today, what used to be a machine room for clocks now houses a stunning home.

Up until recently, images of the Clock Tower apartment have remained somewhat a mystery. But when developer David Walentas purchased the apartment the first item in order was a renovation. (Did we mention, the $25 million dollar price tag makes it the most expensive apartment in all of Brooklyn?). Designer Stefano Venier was brought onto the scene to create a sleek, minimalistic design complete with a sophisticated kitchen which would become a focal point for the space.


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