Monday, May 9, 2011

Richti-Areal augmented reality installation

Lately we have seen many projects of mapping being developed and presented, some of very hight quality, some just the result of the actual trends, just a copy and sometimes not even good. But let’s say that Projektil, a Z├╝rich based collective, surprised me positively with their “augmented reality installation”, Richti-Areal, not for their good graphics or for the well conceived control program, but by the integration of usability of the results itself, transporting what have been mainly used as an aesthetically way of expression in art and in advertising to a more humanistic level, visualizing the architectural influence in the urban environment, in a fast and efficient way.

Richti-Areal is an installation formed by a model in scale 1 : 200 and 5 projectors. On the model can be shown various simulations (nightlife, sun and shadow, etc.), and also information (use zones, green areas, transport etc.) directly on the proposal. Being all system controlled via iPad.

With the contemporary frontier between design and art becoming more ambiguous, I can say that Richti-Areal redefines it. Richti-Areal is not art, its good design using a creative application of technology.

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