Friday, May 20, 2011

Rafael De Cardenas First Furniture Collection


The main reason why we are huge fans of Rafael De Cardenas is because one tiny look at his designs is like a giant energy boost!

If there is anything to know about De Cardenas, it’s that he knows how to keep mum about his future endeavors; never giving too much away, and always keeping you interested. That day in Soho was no different when I asked him what was next for Architecture At Large (His design firm) he nonchalantly mentioned a new…(seemly minuscule) furniture line and then he suddenly changed the subject. We should have take that as a mage hint that his new furniture line was going to be loud, full of color, and epic!
The furniture collection was unveiled for the first time last Friday at the Johnson Trading Gallery in New York City, where we sipped on some cocktails and got the chance to experience each piece up close and personal! plywood, neon gradients, and veneered cypress, were used in the collection to stay true to the designer’s signature aesthetic and penchant for bold lines, color and contrast.



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