Wednesday, May 11, 2011

People & Their Belongings

Jenifer Diptych

It's amazing how in the modern day we carry so many things around with us wherever we go, from an iPod to photos of loved ones, we can't go anywhere without them. This collection of photos from Jason Travis shows what people carry on them or in their bags. It's a fascinating series which is definitely worth checking out.

David Diptych

Jennifer Diptych

Andre Diptych

Sky Diptych

Carl Diptych

Alan Diptych

Colby Diptych

Amy Diptych

Ryan Diptych

Ben Diptych

Jason Diptych

Dann Diptych

Amanda Diptych

Jean Paul Diptych

Lain Diptych

Luis Diptych

Moses Diptych

Chris Diptych

Mike Diptych

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