Thursday, May 5, 2011

Living Roof: A futuristic rooftop capsule for the eco-conscious

living room by nau

After the Strato Cruiser, the luxurious flying palace for affluent travelers, and the Ecco, the green concept car that doubles as a home, the designers at NAU are back with yet another intriguing concept. Called Living Roof, it’s a self-sustainable rooftop capsule for the eco-conscious. The 28-foot rooftop hotel capsule has all the essential amenities you would expect from a hotel room.

The Living Roof is intended for urban rooftops, but can be transported into the savanna or any other place if required. This futuristic retreat produces more energy than it consumes, thanks to the wind turbines, solar panels and rainwater collection. At the touch of a button, the interior transforms from a lounge to a sleeping pod to an office.

I think the visitors will first fly in the Strato Cruiser to a nearby pad and then take a ride in an Ecco camper van to reach the Living Room, the futuristic hotel capsule.

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