Friday, May 20, 2011

Integrated Shower Head by Zazzeri: a 'crack in the ceiling'


Stimulate both your body and mind with water, color and light, all interwoven in this innovative and versatile 'crack in the ceiling' – the integrated shower head by Zazzeri. Designed by IS' Daniele Bedini, the Virgin shower head seamlessly integrates into the ceiling, being a natural continuation of the bath decor, both in appearance and functionality. The Virgin system aligns lights (RGB LEDs), flexible body sprays, shower controls and grid head to offer a contemporary charm suspended somewhere between therapeutics and high-end technology. Available in 3 different colors in its grid view (gold, steel and black), the Virgin head is made of Corian and steel, a combination that is sure to complete your daily wellness routine. Get your own moment of complete regeneration at Zazzeri.


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