Monday, May 2, 2011


Finsk Shoes 6
We’re head over heels for Julia Lundsten’s architecturally inspired shoe line FINSK. Finnish born, London based Lundsten is a design hybrid, the result of a cross pollination between her architect father and interior designer mother. The pedigree is evident in her exquisitely designed shoes. She gives the term ‘stacked heel’ a run for its money. These babies are stacked to the nines, with shapes inspired by a mélange of architecture, furniture and compositions found in nature. Contrasting leathers are juxtaposed with boldly sculpted, chunky, wooden heels. Locally sourced materials are integral to Lundsten’s designs, as are leathers from by-products of other industries. As progressive and sculptural as her designs are, they’re remarkably wearable.

Finsk Shoes 5

Finsk Shoes 2

Finsk Shoes 1

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