Thursday, May 19, 2011

Amazing artworks by INTOXICATED DEMONS

INTOXICATED DEMONS presents, organizes and manages young artists worldwide. ID artists are wether the output of a trend nor a hype. They are the result of a highly ambitious selecting process, that builds the platform for our claim of quality. Beside formal creative aspects, passion, trust and balanced harmony are the main ingredients for our success story. We don’t care about artistic education or reactionary art therories. We believe in native talent!

You are looking for young artists that paint at your event, work on your new campaign or help designing your offices? INTOXICATED DEMONS is part of a worldwide network, joyning forces from a huge variety of artists, satisfying all kinds of creative aspects and expectations. We offer a 10 year experience in the fields of marketing and communication to make sure your job will be done as good as you expect it.

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