Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unveiled at Shanghai : the brand new Volkswagen Beetle 2012

Volkswagen Beetle 2012
Presented at the Shanghai Motor Show last night, here is the new cuvée of the iconic  Cox or Beetle. First images andimpressions of this third version.  

Volkswagen Beetle 2012
This 2012 cuvée was widely expected and its return to now a day is not necessarily consensual. Obviously there is still these round and warm forms  but nevertheless the beetle effect is not there.

A too Volkswagen car for a Beetle, this is the key of this lack of enthusiasm. Indeed when we look at the first version of 1938 you must feel the 74 years gap between them. The rear lights are too strict as the overall aspect.
Volkswagen Beetle 1938
Worse, all the work of the 70′s, slowly transforming that “post-World War II  Third Reich” ‘s car on a pop and funky car, is destroyed by this release as austere. It is far from the flower-power and that is unfortunate.
Volkswagen Beetle 2000

Volkswagen Beetle 1963
The 1998 version with its flashy colors, its small flower inside was a real Cox but not that version. What a pity, we were expecting more pop version than the one presented to us. Used to be good in communication Volkswagen sinned by avarice of fun for this 2012 cuvée and it is regrettable.

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